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Best Graphic Drawing Tablets Reviews

In-depth drawing tablet reviews and evaluations of devices that can be useful for creating digital art. Get drawing tablet recommendations. 

XP-Pen Deco L & Deco LW Bluetooth Drawing Tablet Review

From first impressions I think the XP-Pen Deco L & Deco LW looks like a decent tablet, I personally recommend it - XP-Pen's quality is now up with Wacom's, but it has similar specs and a bigger surface for the same price!

The XP-Pen Deco L & Deco LW tablets have a slim design and are made with premium materials. Both models are available in four colors, including Black, blue, green, and pink.

XP-Pen has a few types of pen tablet, If you have much more budget you can buy a larger drawing tablet with screen , which most artists would prefer.

Drawing Tablet –What the Heck is it and why Would you Need it?

Good question, and I'm glad you asked! graphics drawing pad takes the place of a mouse and mouse pad for a computer. The tablet portion acts as your mouse pad. The pen acts as your mouse. It gives the user a ton of control over the cursor.

That control over the cursor is something that is a complete godsend when dealing with designs and artwork on the computer. Graphic designing becomes a breeze with the Graphics Tablet.

It's the perfect way for me to combine my technological expertise with the creative side I've always had.

Advantages of XP-Pen Deco L & Deco LW

1. Bluetooth Connection

XP-Pen Deco LW can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth connectivity. working wirelessly really adds to quality-of-life when making art for long hours.

Being able to move around and work in lots of positions easily is a massive boon to those who make a lot of digital art.

If you're on a budget and don't care about wireless, save money and go for the cheaper XP-Pen Deco L. If you want a wireless drawing tablet, go for the XP-Pen Deco LW with Bluetooth.

2. Large Working Area

The XP-Pen Deco L & Deco LW has a huge active drawing surface of 10x 6 inches, allowing you to do large brushstrokes and easily use your whole arm, shoulder and elbow when drawing and painting, as well as make smaller delicate strokes a bit easier.

If you have a larger budget and plan to use your tablet daily, I would get a larger tablet like the XP-Pen Deco L & Deco LW. because drawing for long periods is easier and healthier on a larger tablet.

3. Bundled Free Drawing Software

With Deco L & Deco LW, XP-Pen has kindly bundled free software so you can get right to making art.

You get ArtRage Lite, Zoner Photo Studio X, and Explain Everything (online whiteboard) for free.‍

While you do pay bigger bucks for a XP-Pen tablet, this really adds a lot of value to the purchase - especially since ArtRage Lite suit for the beginners.

4. Advanced X3 Elite Stylus

The X3 Elite Stylus has a few advantages over the old stylus models.

Mainly the new X3-Smart-Chip Stylus delivers a fully upgraded drawing experience with a more subtle initial pressure sensitivity and a much shorter tip retraction.

Aside from this, the X3 Elite Stylus also comes with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 60 degrees of tilt function, which you can easily shape subtle lines, crafting your unique masterpieces.

Thanks to the elimination of wear-prone spring parts, the upgraded internal structure prevents the nib from moving unnecessarily and doubles the lifespan of the stylus.

5. Eight shortcut keys programmable

New models of Deco L & Deco LW tablets have their customizable keys at the top edge of the tablet. which offers eight programmable keys to trigger macros, shortcuts, and applications, select tools or open files or directories.

While this might be an attempt to make the Deco L & Deco LW more accessible for both left handed and right handed people, having the buttons on the side makes them more accessible and easier to use.

With Deco L & Deco LW you're able to just rotate the tablet so the buttons are either on the left or right, and in the settings change the orientation of the tablet to left or right handed.

6. Drawing Experience

From the very first moment I picked up the X3 Elite pen and started drawing with it on the tablet surface, it felt natural. It flowed smoothly and was surprisingly precise in its resolution and highly sensitive to pressure, even light pressure.

My first impression was “wow! this is fun!!” It came very easily to me and felt very similar to the feel I was used to in using pastel crayons on paper.

The pressure sensitivity was essential – it enabled me to forget that I was working in a digital world and instead just draw like I normally would.

my XP-Pen Deco L & Deco LW is an indispensable part of my computer set up whether working in my studio on my iMac, or traveling the world with my MacBook Air.

I love the A4 sized Deco L & Deco LW since provides the perfect balance of convenience, ease-of-use and portability without being too small. In other words it's very comfortable.

Comfort is, for me, a key ingredient for digital creativity. When I am comfortable I can paint for hours without any adverse physical fatigue or stress, and I can also forget the digital and be focused and immersed in the zone of making art.

What more motivation can you have than well designed and effective tools, like the Deco L & Deco LW, that empower your creativity and are fun to use!


Do you have a passion for art, photography, or design? Maybe prefer something a little more larger?

Well, if you are looking for a grand format tablet the XP-Pen Deco L & Deco LW can help you unleash your creative passion.

Just Live, dare, and create with Deco L & Deco LW!

Product Page: https://www.xp-pen.com/product/1168.html

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